Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Brothers Houdini

Here's one from my own collection. This is a beautiful original photograph of Houdini and his brother, fellow escape artist, Theo. Hardeen, aka "Dash" in 1904. It's an uncommon shot.

John Cox Collection

Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. I always read your blog, thanks for this space for houdini's addicted! This photo is really cool

  2. My pleasure, chiaracat. I figured it was time for a nice photograph. Thanks for being a regular. I love knowing there are people out there enjoying my blog. :)

  3. You know I love the photographs John, and this one is excellent! Thanks for posting it. Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Oh, wow. Wonderful image! I love these two brothers. Thanks so much for sharing! (:

  5. Thanks all. Amazing. This has become my third most viewed "story", and will probably hit #2 today. I'll have to post up more like this. :)

  6. That's a great photo. Thank you for sharing John.

  7. Thanks, Bruce. It's an uncommon photo, but not unknown. I know it appears in Dunninger's 'Monument to Magic', and I feel like I've seen it in one other place, but I can't think of where. There's also a photo taken during this same session in Secret Life.

  8. That's such an awesome photo of the both of them. They both look so suave and "dash"ing. OHHH, that was bad. :p

    Seriously though, that's one of the reasons I love this many things I've never seen before, and nary an uninteresting post! Thanks, John!


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