Saturday, March 27, 2021

"We all know Houdini has faults..."

Thurston expert Rory Feldman tweeted this out for Houdini's birthday. An intriguing mention of Houdini and his "faults" here. And what about this oil painting of his mother? First I've heard of that. This was written in July 1924.

Thanks Rory!


  1. Looks like the painting was presented at an SAM banquet in the Hotel McAlpin. The date and year are in question but Thurston must have dated this letter. The faults Thurston pointed out must have been HH's ego and intolerance of the spotlight away from him.

    1. I thought the same thing at first. But the McAlpin banquet that year was on June 6. This letter is dated July 14, 1924. I don't have any SAM events around this time.

    2. Thurston mentioned "last Saturday night..." Could he have been referring to the June 6 banquet? But that was five weeks prior. A gift like that had to have been at some get together so others could see the painting.

    3. And June 6 was a Friday, so...