The New Houdini Chronology ☛ 1922

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Weeks run Monday to Sunday.

Jan. 2-8: Palace Theater (Broadway & 47th), New York, NY [1][2]
➤ Tues., Jan. 3: Society of American Magicians hold a Houdini Night. [1][6]
➤ Thurs., Jan. 5: Houdini does suspended straitjacket escape from Palace Theater in Times Sq. Get's fined. [2]
Jan 9-15: Keith's Theater, Washington D.C. [1][2]
➤ Wed., Jan. 11: Houdini and Bess meet President Harding at White House. [2]
➤ Thurs., Jan. 12: Houdini does suspended straitjacket from the Albee building, 15th and G Streets. [2]
Jan. 16-22: Maryland Theater, Baltimore, MD [1][2]
➤ Tues., Jan. 17: Review in Evening Sun complains: "Houdini spends about 10 minutes telling of his greatness...performs two tricks that he has been showing for years."
➤ Wed., Jan. 18: Houdini does suspended straitjacket from Munsey Bldg. in downtown Baltimore.
➤ Wed., Jan. 18: Houdini speaks at luncheon at the Advertising Club at Hotel Emerson.
Jan. 23-29: Keith's Theater, Philadelphia, PA [1][2]
Jan. 30-Feb 5: Keith's Hippodrome, Cleveland, OH [1][8]

Feb. 6-12: Palace Theater, Chicago, IL [1][2]
➤ Mon., Feb. 6: Houdini attends banquet at Great Northern Hotel hosted by Chicago Assembly of the S.A.M. in his honor. Reportedly fooled by Dai Vernon's Ambitious Card. [10]
✪ ➤ Sun., Feb. 12: Papers report Houdini makes "the first theatrical contract over the wireless telephone" (for upcoming Pittsburgh engagement).
Feb. 13-19: Orpheum Theater, St Louis, MO [1][2]
➤ Fri., Feb 17: Houdini does suspended straitjacket from 4th floor of City Hall bldg (60 feet). [2]
Feb. 20-26: Majestic Theater, Chicago, IL [1][2]
➤ Sat., Feb. 25: Buffalo Evening News reports title of Houdini's upcoming book has been changed from "Paper Tricks" to "Paper Magic."
Feb. 27- March 5:

March 6-12: Davis Theater, Pittsburgh, PA [1][2]
➤ Tues., March 7: Houdini does suspended straitjacket from the Pittsburgh Post and Sun bldg. [2]
➤ Wed., March 8: Houdini guest at Rotary Club luncheon at Fort Pitt Hotel. [2]
➤ Thurs., March 9: Houdini guest at Pittsburgh Press Club luncheon at 542 Fourth Ave. [2]
➤ Fri., March 10: Harry Kellar dies in Los Angeles. [4]
March 13-19: Riverside Theater, New York, NY [1][2]
March 20-26: Keith's Orpheum Theater, Brooklyn, NY [1][2]
March 27-April 2:
✪ ➤ Sun., April 2: The Man From Beyond premieres at the Times Square. [2]

April 3-9: Times Square Theater, New York, NY - The Man From Beyond with "Houdini in Person." [1][2]
➤ Houdini revives Vanishing Elephant during Time Square run.
➤ Thurs., April 6: Houdini celebrates 48th birthday.
April 10-16: Times Square Theater, New York, NY - The Man From Beyond with "Houdini in Person". [1][2]
➤ Tues., April 11: Houdini does challenge packing box escape at Times Sq. [2]
April 17-23: Times Square Theater, New York, NY - The Man From Beyond with "Houdini in Person". [1][2]
➤ Sun., April 23: Last showing of The Man From Beyond at Time Square Theater. [2]
April 24-30:

May 1-7:
✪ ➤ Houdini's Paper Magic is published in May. [2]
May 8-14:
✪ ➤ The New York Times runs full page interview "Magic and Mediums" in which Houdini's states manifestations by "spirit workers" can all be explained. [2]
May 15-21:
➤ Tues., May 16: Houdini wins lawsuit against B.A. Rolf and Octagon Films. Awarded $32,795.18. [2]
➤ Fri, May 19: Houdini and Bess attend reception at home of Clayton Sedgwick Cooper at 242 East 48th Street, NY. [2]
May 22-28:
May 29-June 4:
➤ Fri., June 2: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle attends S.A.M. dinner at McAlpin Hotel, NY. "Fools" magicians with footage from The Lost World. Harry and Bess do Metamorphosis. [2]

June 5-11:
June 12-18: The Houdinis spend the weekend (17-18) with the Doyles in Atlantic City, NJ. [3][9]
✪ ➤ Sun., June 18: Lady Doyle gives Houdini automatic writing seance, brings back mother. [3][9]
June 19-25:
➤ Thurs., June 22: Houdini, Bess and the Doyles attend Raymond Hitchcock play The Pin Wheel at Earl Carroll Theater, NY. [2][4]
June 26-July 2:
➤ June 30: Houdini writes letter to New York Times spelling out Spiritualism skepticism. Published July 5. [2]

July 3-9:
July 10-16:
July 17-23:
July 24-30:
July 31-Aug 6:

Aug. 7-13:
Aug. 14-20:
Aug. 21-27: The Man from Beyond opens at the Rialto Theater, Washington, D.C. [1][2]
✪ ➤ Houdini appears in person at Rialto, includes lecture on spiritualism. First public exposures? [2]
➤ Thurs., Aug. 24: Houdini gives talk on spiritualism at Kiwanis luncheon. [2]
Aug. 28-Sept. 3:

Sept. 4-10:
Sept. 11-17: The Man from Beyond opens at Roosevelt Theater, West Hoboken, NJ - Houdini Wonder Show Unit #1 headed by magician Fredrick Eugene Powell with Virginia Carr. [1][4]
➤ Houdini makes a personal appearance in the middle of the week, introduced by the Mayor.
Sept. 18-24:
➤ Mon., Sept. 18: Papers report Houdini "openly challenges" Conan Doyle to attend demonstration of spiritualist methods. [2]
Sept. 25-Oct. 1:

Oct. 2-8:
Oct. 9-15: Madison Theater, Detroit, MI - The Man From Beyond with "Houdini in Person." [2]
➤ Mon., Oct. 9: Houdini does suspended straitjacket from Fyfe Bldg (Woodward and Grand Circus Park). [2]
➤ Papers report man in Paris calling himself "Houdini" arrested. [2]
➤ Advertisements for Doyle series My American Adventure highlight Atlantic City seance. [2]
Oct. 16-22:
➤ Mon., Oct 16: Houdini denounces danger in psychic phenomena at S.A.M. dinner in Boston. [2]
Oct. 23-29:
Oct. 30-Nov. 5:
➤ Mon., Oct. 30: Houdini files new charges against bankrupt Octagon Films for non-payment of salary and legal settlement. [2]
➤ Tues., Oct. 31: Houdini gives mock séance at home of Sophie Irene at Harmon-on-Hudson, NY. Includes spirit message from Jack London. [1]

Nov. 6-12: The Man from Beyond opens at Steinway Hall, New York, NY - Houdini Wonder Show Unit #2 headed by Frederick Melville with escapist Gemester. [4]
Nov. 13-19: The Man from Beyond opens at the Strand Theater, Newark, NJ [1][2]
➤ Tues., Nov. 14: Houdini debates spiritualism on WOR Radio broadcast. [2]
➤ Thurs., Nov. 16: Houdini makes personal appearance at Strand Theater. [2]
➤ Sat., Nov. 18: Scientific American magazine offers $2000 to anyone who can take a spirit photograph under test conditions. [8]
Nov. 20-26:
Nov. 27-Dec. 3:

Dec. 4-10:
Dec. 11-17:
Dec. 18-24:
Dec. 25-31:

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  1. From David Ben's bio of Dai Vernon: On February 6, 1922 Houdini attends a banquet at the Great Northern Hotel hosted by the Chicago Assembly of the Society of American Magicians in his honor. Houdini badly fooled by Vernon's Ambitious Card trick.

  2. The July 4th entry should read: Visits the Long Island home of his lawyer Bernard Ernst for a July 4th celebration. Purportedly made it stop and begin raining from Ernst's back yard.

    1. I have that as taking place in 1923. Do I have that wrong?

  3. Joe Notaro has it as 1922 on his Circumstantial Evidence blog.

    1. You guys may be right then. I sourced it to a find, which means I found a mention of it in a 1923 article, but that doesn't mean it happened that year. I'll confer with Joe and see where he got his date from.

    2. I relied on Joe's date from his blog. I'd like to know as well where he got that 1922 date. I didn't notice you had already posted it for 1923.



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