Monday, March 5, 2012

Houdini's big mouth

I think one can make the case that Houdini, in his own time, was as much associated with his famous Needles trick as he was with handcuffs or his Water Torture Cell. It may have been the trick that Houdini performed most in his career. Case in point is this terrific newspaper advert from 1924 highlighting Houdini's Needles trick above all else.

So when someone starts in with the old "Houdini wasn't really a magician" rap, just say "Needles" and walk away. Snap!

Thanks to William Pack for sharing this ad.


  1. With a pack of needles and a bit of thread he held theaters packed with thousands of people spellbound.

    Also ask them if they can do front and back card productions and split fans and a one handed mid air water fall.

    Metamorphosis was not an escape but a magic illusion. Walking through a brick wall, as well.

    Dick Brookz and Dorothy Dietrich

  2. Your site is the best thing on the web for Houdini fans. Great job. Houdini never received the credit do in the magic community for being a magician mainly from Vernon's dislike for him.

  3. Plus a lot of other jealous and envious magicians. Even to this day!

    Dick Brookz & Dorothy Dietrich

  4. That ad made me laugh. He looks like he's going to projectile vomit onto that little man. X-D

    Also, damn straight Houdini was a magician! Word!