Monday, March 19, 2012

No, John Edward did not speak with Houdini

You might start encountering news stories online saying that "Psychic Medium" John Edward has claimed to have contacted the spirit of Houdini who says he will return to earth on April 25, 2012.

"I’m coming back, not reincarnated as a baby but as the man I was the day I died," Houdini told psychic John Edwards [sic] in an amazing, hour-long interview conducted in the bunker below WWN headquarters.
"I am going to prove once and for all that there is a life after death, and I’m going to tell the people of the world just what they can expect on the other side. At last, the veil will be lifted from this mystery of mysteries."

Well, this is just a spoof story, first published at the spoof news site, Weekly World News (home of the Bat Boy!). Not that I wouldn't put it past Edward to claim to have contacted Houdini. He just hasn't done so...yet.

What I'd like to know is whether Weekly World News is running this story in their print version. This would be fun to add to the scrapbook. I'd also like to catch up on the latest Bat Boy sightings!


  1. Well, DUH! ;)

    I always thought it was rather ill thought out, what the Mediums of Houdini's day did - Cursing him and predicting his death all over the place. I mean, if they hated him when he was alive, how would they have coped with him on the end of their direct link to the Spirit World 24/7???

  2. You need another button titled 'funny' or even 'HILARIOUS'/ :p

    Also, LOVE Weekly World News. X-D No love for John Edward though, the creep!

  3. the print edition of the World Weekly News ended in 2007.

    1. Oh, did it? Thank you, Steve. Shows what I know. Too bad. It was always fun to grab a copy and bring to a party. It was the only tabloid I would ever buy.