Friday, July 6, 2012

Watch me on Mystified Live this Sunday

This Sunday, July 8, your humble webmaster here at WILD ABOUT HARRY will be interviewed on Mystified Live.

Mystifyed Live is an award nominated podcast hosted by Magician/Illusionist Justin The Mystifyer and co-hosted by magician Corey Martin. The show features magicians, escape artists, fire eaters, singer/song writers, and now a Houdini historian/blogger.

The show airs live at 7pm CST (6pm EST, 5pm PST). As part of the show Justin and I will field live questions from the viewers, so come on over and ask me anything about myself or that man we are all WILD about.

Hope to see you on Sunday!


  1. Hey John,

    Stayed up in the UK to watch this. Really enjoyed it, but wish it had just been you & Justin as Corey was breaking up & a bit OTT.

    1. Thanks Dan. I enjoyed it. Even though I could only see Corey and just hear Justin, and only see the show happening on delay. And then there was the real time stream of comments coming in (I liked the questions). It's a wild multi-tasky format, but I thought it was fun. And as loose as the guys seemed, I was impressed with how well they timed it all out. Hope to do the show again when they are in Vegas, maybe in person.