Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Construction starts today on Houdini Plaza

WHBY News reports that construction is supposed to start today on the Houdini Plaza renovation project in downtown Appleton, Wisconsin.

Jennifer Stephany of Appleton Downtown Inc. says they hope to finish the work before the first outdoor Farm Market in mid-June. She says they're already hearing from groups that are interested in hosting events there, and that's the impact they were hoping the improvements would have.

The renovations will cost $1.5 million. They include a fountain, and spaces for large and small events. The city is contributing $1 million, and there's a fundraising effort to collect the remaining $500,000.

Visit the Downtown Appleton website for more information on the Houdini Plaza renovation project.


  1. Lets see, we tore down a large metal staue because it was perceived as dangerous and children might get hurt.Dont know where it disapeared, but it$ somewhere. Lets build a fountain, and spend another million and a half. The Houdini Park was loved by more people than this is going to be, just my opinion and I do hope I'm wrong. A regular at the Thursday night concerts.

    1. I also really liked the old Houdini Plaza and I loved the Metamorphosis statue. I hope it makes a reappearance somewhere. Also hope this new Houdini Plaza lives up to the name. Please let us know. :)