Monday, January 21, 2013

Nita Naldi making a comeback

Is 2013 the year of Nita Naldi? Suddenly a great deal of traffic is heading to WILD ABOUT HARRY via Google searches for the silent movie star who played Marie Le Grande in Houdini's The Man From Beyond. My profile of Nita in my Leading Ladies series is actually my second most viewed story of the new year.

So what's up with Nita? Was there a recent documentary or film retrospective about her maybe? Even the webmaster of the excellent isn't sure why there is a sudden upswing in Nita traffic.

Whatever the reason, looks like Nita is ready for her closeup.

"Hey, this blog is supposed to be about me, toots."


  1. It's possible that screenwriters in Hollywood or other production people are working on some kind of project about her and are searching for information. Apparently, they will go on a research spree to gather as much information as possible on current projects in the pipeline.