Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Read Houdini's D.C. hearing transcript

Continuing a Washington D.C. theme today, reader Eric Fry alerts me to this terrific new Houdini item at The Miracle Factory.

This is the full first-person transcript of Houdini's testimony before a Congressional committee debating a bill to outlaw fortune-telling in the District of Columbia. At times the hearings were downright riotous. One meeting had to be adjourned when angry mediums disrupted the proceedings and order could not be restored. At one point the bill's sponsor, Representative Sol Bloom of New York, fainted. Houdini held his own against the sometimes bizarre questioning ("Have you ever been to Allahabab?"), but the bill ultimately failed to pass.

The Miracle Factory is offering this as a PDF download for $9.99. It's fully searchable and can be read on any computer or mobile device. (I wish they'd also offer a hardcopy. I'd love to have this one on the shelf.)

Purchase the Houdini Hearings e-book at The Miracle Factory.

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