Tuesday, February 24, 2015

"Is that you, Mama?"

This photo is currently on eBay with a $105 Buy It Now. The seller notes that written on the back is: "CecĂ­lia Weisz Budapest 1869."

So is this really a hitherto unknown photo of Houdini's mother at age 28?

Well, not so fast. This is the third time this same seller "ritamoio" (once under a different name) has magically come upon an unseen image of what is claimed to be one of the Weiss family. Each listing has offered the same vague details, and none have bore any resemblance to the subject. Also, Houdini's mother spelled her name Cecelia.

You know what they say. Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times...

Buyer beware.



  1. I don't see Cecilia in this photo, not even vaguely. This seller is getting bolder.

  2. Wait a minute. The young lady in the upper left--the more I look at her face, the more she looks like Cecilia. Still, not a perfect match.

    1. Hmmm...now you got me seeing it too. Power of suggestion.

  3. It's her eyes. I keep looking at her eyes and cheekbones...if Mama really is in this photo, it's gotta be her.

    What was it with men in those days? Were razors and shaving cream too expensive to afford back then? Harry was always clean shaven.

  4. Listing ended because " there was an error in the listing"

  5. I think we're due for a photo of Rabbi Weiss next.

  6. It wasn't called Budapest until 1873. So the inscription was not contemporary.