Tuesday, August 29, 2017

LINK: Deconstructing Houdini's Grave

Looks like Chuck Romano over at My Magic Uncle has caught our Machpelah Fever. Chuck has a terrific post about the men and materials that made the Weiss family plot and exedra. A highlight is a photo of Oscar Teale standing over Houdini's grave. As Teale died in 1934, this is the earliest/best photo of the full plot that I've ever seen! But you'll have to head on over to My Magic Uncle to see the whole thing, so click the headline and keep digging Houdini's grave.



  1. The bench directly ahead of Teale in the above photo closely resembles the bench he and Harry were sitting on roughly a decade before.

    1. But notice it's sitting as the benches sit today instead of at an angle as it was in the Houdini/Teale pic.