Saturday, November 4, 2017

Photos from The Official Houdini Séance 2017

Here are some photos from The Official Houdini Séance 2017, which this year was held inside a former bank vault, now part of the Crop Bistro & Bar in Cleveland, OH. Even Harry decided to attend this year! (If you believe.) Enjoy.

Medium Marianne Goldweber with Inner Circle attendees at the vault!
Three-course meal before the seance.
Seance co-organizer Tom Boldt and magician Paul Gallagher.
Dr. Bruce J. Averbook awaits Harry.
Will Harry escape?
David Saltman divines the Seance Cuffs.
Official program (outside)
Official program (inside)

Thanks to William Radner and Robert Somerdin for the pics.


  1. Tom Boldt is holding a large book in his left arm. I wonder what the title is.

    1. That's a file folder. But who knows what treasures it may contain!

    2. After I had posted I clicked on Tom's photo, enlarged it and realized it was a thick file folder. It looks like a book from a distance. Did Tom unveil the the contents inside?