Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Stream 'Mr. Swallow: Houdini' at Soho on Demand

Nick Mohammed's Mr. Swallow: Houdini, which enjoyed a popular run at London's Soho Theater in 2017, is now available to stream at Soho Theatre on Demand until May 20th for a minimum donation of £4.

In these worrying times of global pandemics and lockdowns, who better to lift your spirits than the eccentric tour de force that is Mr. Swallow, a man willing to pay the ultimate homage to Houdini himself by recreating the master’s legendary underwater escape (and you thought your lockdown was bad??) Mr. Swallow is once again joined by his trusty assistants Mr. Goldsworth (David Elms) and Jonathan (Kieran Hodgson) as he charts his own imitable interpretation of Houdini’s life, fusing daredevil magic (his words), hilarious comedy (also his words) and a series of musical numbers that are, frankly, to die for (…yep).

All proceeds raised will go to charity, with 70% going to NHS Charities Together to support frontline workers leading the response to the Covid-19 emergency, with the remaining 30% put into a trust for comics most affected by the pandemic and the resulting financial instability.


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