Friday, March 6, 2015

Flim Flam: Houdini and the Hereafter available in paperback

A printed version of Gene Franklin Smith's magnificent play, Flim Flam: Houdini and the Hereafter, is now available on Amazon. The book contains a Forward by the great Patrick Culliton and an Introduction by Gene Franklin Smith.

A stage play based on actual events. In the summer of 1922, Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle team to investigate psychic mediums for the Scientific American committee. Their friendship is challenged when Conan Doyle champions a beautiful and seductive psychic as authentic. Houdini is determined to prove that she is a phony, until she apparently contacts Houdini's beloved dead mother, and he must confront his own beliefs about life-after-death.

Flim Flam: Houdini and the Hereafter ran at the Malibu Playhouse in the summer of 2014. It starred Rick D. Wasserman as Houdini, Melissa Kite as Bess, Sabra Malkinson as Margery.

You can read my review (which I'm honored to see is blurbed in the book) HERE.

Purchase Flim Flam: Houdini and the Hereafter on Amazon (U.S.) and (UK).


  1. Not only is Gene a Magician, but he is a gentleman, scholar, and an amazing play writer. I loved the play so much, I saw it multiple times. I highly recommend this fascinating take on Houdini which is based on actual events. Now, I just need Gene to sign my copy.

    1. Bring it to our next Castle gathering, as Gene in now an official member of the "Houdini Nuts". :)