Sunday, April 15, 2018

Houdini was a "wireless telephone" pioneer

Here's an interesting item from The Pittsburgh Press dated February 12, 1922. Looks like we can add this to the lists of Houdini firsts.

What a minute, a "wireless telephone"? Wouldn't that be a cellphone? Now that would be a first!

However, wireless telephone didn't mean then what it means today. For a full explanation, check out this terrific article at Smithsonian: A Mobile Phone From 1922? Not Quite.



  1. Aha! Time traveler. I knew it.

  2. I never knew exactly why old films sometimes referred to radios as "the wireless" so this explains it. Coincidental (or not) that Houdini's act later included Dorothy Young jumping out of a giant "wireless" and doing the Charleston!