Sunday, July 1, 2012

Calling Houdini...

While re-reading the superb book, The Houdini-Price Correspondance by Gabriel Citron, I stumbled on a nice little morsel of Houdiniana. In a letter Houdini writes to Price on December 26, 1924, he gives out this piece of personal information:

P.S. My private telephone number is Monument 8260.

So there you go. Houdini's phone number! Add that to your quiver of Houdini trivia questions.

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  1. I dialed it......recorded message...."Houdini has left the building " :-)

  2. Monument phone numbers were for those living in the vicinity of 100th street and west end ave. Is that anywhere near Houdini's home? I don't think so although I could be wrong.

  3. His residence was on 113th St. Read all about it here!



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