Monday, May 25, 2015

Laurel Canyon Houdini Estate homes for lease

The LA Times reports that two houses on the "Houdini Estate" in Laurel Canyon are available for lease at $7,500 and $16,500 a month.

One house is 2,060 square feet and the other is 1,240 square feet. Believe it or not, the smaller house is the one with the larger price tag. It is the beautifully renovated "carriage house" that sits atop the property and contains original Houdini artwork throughout.

Debi Raveh and Adrienne Doty-Carolan of Rodeo Realty are the listing agents.

For a full history of the property and its connection to Houdini, check out my post from 2012: Inside the Laurel Canyon Houdini Estate.

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