Speaker & Consultant

I give illustrated lectures on Houdini's life and career and I'm also available as a consultant or interview subject on any Houdini related project. I've given talks at The New-York Historical Society, UCLA, Hollywood Heritage, The Magic Castle, The Center For Inquiry, as well as schools, libraries, museums, and festivals. I've consulted on numerous books, plays, documentaries and exhibitions. I've appeared on camera in documentaries for the History Channel, BBC, Fox Business and Discovery. I was also profiled in the book The Life and Afterlife of Harry Houdini by Joe Posnanski.

To discuss your needs, please email me at johncox@wildabouthoudini.com.
John Cox has studied the life of Harry Houdini for over 40 years. He consults on Houdini projects for radio, television, stage and film, and writes a popular blog devoted to the magician, WILD ABOUT HARRY (wildabouthoudini.com). John has written for film and television. He's the recipiant of a Milbourne Christopher Award. He’s also a long-time member of the Academy of Magical Arts. John lives in Los Angeles and is currently working on a definitive chronolgy of Houdini's life and career. His first book annotating Houdini's earliest travel diary will be published in 2024.
"John Cox is the loving and diligent caretaker of my grandfather's and great uncle's astounding legacy. Thanks forever, John. You're a true brother to me!" - George Hardeen 

 "It's not right to say John spends every waking minute thinking about Houdini; he's a levelheaded guy with a job and a life. But it is right to say John would like to spend every waking minute thinking about Houdini." Joe Posnanski, The Life and Afterlife of Harry Houdini 

"Your WILD ABOUT HARRY site continues to amaze us all. I have no idea how you do it!" - John Gaughan

"If anyone is interested in learning anything about Houdini, it’s a wealth of information that you won’t find in a book. I learned an enormous amount from John." - Kristen Connolly
"Thank you for your continuing dedication to Houdini. Your blog is far and away the best Houdini resource in the world today." - Bruce MacNab 
"John is performing a service for us all by going the extra mile, past those first few Google result pages, to find the really obscure, undiscovered stuff." - The Mandala 
"A great resource for Houdini info." - Potter & Potter Auctions 

"You're the Internet's Eclipsing Sensation!" Todd Karr, The Miracle Factory 

"If you're wild about Houdini, you'll like this very well-done Houdini fan site." - Teller

"You are a star." - David Copperfield 

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