Houdini Plays

It's possible Houdini has appeared on stage more times after his death than during his life. That's because plays starring Houdini or featuring him as a character have been continually popular. Below is a list of Houdini plays with links to related posts here on WILD ABOUT HARRY.

Houdini Plays (chronological):
Challenged or Houdini Upside Down (1911) - starring Houdini
Walking Through A Brick Wall (1914) - starring Houdini
Hellzapoppin (1938) - featuring Hardeen
Man of Magic (1966)
Houdini The Musical (1973)
Magic vs. The Occult (1976) - Milbourne Christopher
The Magic of Young Houdini (1976)
The Return of Harry Houdini (1976)
Houdini A Circus Opera (1977)
The Houdini Deception (1978)
The Great Houdini (1982) - Producers Foundation, Ltd.
The Lives and Deaths of the Great Harry Houdini (1983)
Houdini the Great (1988)
Houdini Returns From the Grave - by Cory Sprague (1988)
The Witch of Beacon Hill (1989) - BBC Radio
Houdini's Death Defying Mystery (1992) - Raymund Fitzsimons
EFX (1995)
Ragtime (1997)
Side Show (1997)
Houdini (1997) - Goodspeed Opera House
Houdini: La Magia del Amor (Houdini: The Magic of Love) (1998)
The Great Houdini (1999) - Jim Bentley
Houdini: The Man, The Myth, The Magic (2000) - Jim Bentley
The Final Houdini Seance (2001)
Death and Harry Houdini (2001)
Welcome Houdini (2001)
Listen Houdini (2001)
The Escapologist (2006)
Houdini The Musical (2007)
The Houdini Show (2007)
Houdini The Musical (2008)
Being Harry Houdini (2009)
The Houdini Exposure (2009)
God Goliath (2009)
Harry Houdini and Mata Hari (2010)
Houdini: The Man From Beyond (2010)
The Card Trick (2011)
Houdini's Last Escape (2011)
Houdini and the Magic of Thinking Big! (2011)
The Shadow Cutter (2011)
Death and Harry Houdini (2012) - New production
The Houdini Box (2012)
Houdini's Whodunit? (2012)
Escape (2012)
Houdini The Play (2013)
Houdini: The Last Illusion (2013)
Houdini: the Musical (2013)
Houdini (2013)
The Seance (2013)
Watson and the Dark Art of Harry Houdini (2013)
The Life (and Death) of Harry Houdini (2013)
Harry the Great (2013)
A Regular Little Houdini (2014)
Flim Flam: Houdini and the Hereafter (2014)
Nothing on Earth (2014)
Der Grosse Houdini (2014)
Imprisoned with the Pharaohs (2014) - Radio play
Houdini's Hand (2014) - Radio play
Letters To West 113th (2015)
Impossible (2015)
Linking Rings (2015)
The Titanic Orchestra (2015)
A Houdini Experience (2015)
Smoke & Mirrors (2015)
Rosabelle, Believe (2015)
Keys (2015)
The Remarkable Life and Magic of Houdini (2015)
Duffy Hudson as Houdini (2016)
Mr. Swallow - Houdini (2016)
Houdini Speaks To The Living (2016)
Houdini's on First (2016)
Houdini His Life, His Magic (2016)
Houdini, the magical musical (2016)
A Trespasser's Guide to the Classics (2017) - BBC Radio
The Man From Beyond (2017)
Guilty Pleasures (2017)
The Last Séance (2017)
A Houdini Séance (2017)
Houdini (2018) - Outdoor aerial play
The Girl Who Handcuffed Houdini (2018)
The Last Houdini Seance (2018)
Minerva–Queen of the Handcuffs (2019)
The Mysterious Case of Houdini and the Closed Room (2019)
Instructions for a Seance (2019)
Houdini by Tom Frueh (2019)
The Last Act of Harry Houdini (2019)
ETHER: The Strange Afterlife of Harry Houdini & Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (2019)

Unproduced :
Houdini a.k.a. The Impossible Man (TBA)