Sunday, February 11, 2024

LINK: William Lindsay Gresham, The Inklings, and Magic: An Interview with Diego Domingo

Our good friend Diego Domingo is interviewed at Fellowship and Fairydust about William Lindsay Gresham, author of the 1959 biography Houdini: The Man Who Walked Through Walls. Diego is a Gresham expert and top-flight magic historian, as you will see. Click the headline or the image below to have a read.

If you want to keep up with Diego's research, join his William Lindsay Gresham group on Facebook.



  1. In the next several days, additional information/answers to the questions given, will be added to the link for this interview.
    (Thanks for sharing this John.)

    Diego Domingo

  2. Expanded answers to the questions and now added, addtional questions/answers provide a greater insight to Gresham.
    (Including The Jack Benny Show doing a spoof of, "Nightmare Alley.")


    This follow-up interview with Gresham biographer, Clark Sheldon, provides additional detailed information that was touched upon my interview with Connor.

    Hopefully Clark's biography of Gresham will be published sooner than later.