Saturday, October 1, 2005

Houdini the action figure!

A Houdini Action Figure has been released by Accoutrements -- "Outfitters in Popular Culture" -- who specialize in off-beat action figures of historical figures like Jesus, Einstein, etc.

The figure comes with hand and leg shakles, a chair with rope, and even a straight-jacket in which you can thrust old Harry up. The package notes our hero's "weapon of choice" -- MAGIC!

The Houdini Action Figure can be found in novelty stores and on Amazon.

Where was this when I was ten?

Houdini & Doyle redux

A new novel by by Gabriel Brownstein, The Man From Beyond (not to be confused with the recent Image graphic novel of the same name), is based on the real-life friendship between Houdini and the creator of Sherlock Holmes and the consequences of a séance, held in 1922, in which Lady Doyle claimed to communicate with Houdini's dead mother.

Woven into this historical frame story is the fictional saga of Molly Goodman, a young New York reporter who sets out to interview both men.

Would have been kind of cool if they had called this book The Men From Beyond.

You can purchase The Man From Beyond by Gabriel Brownstein from


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