Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kevin Connolly teases a new Houdini mystery book (update)

The mighty Kevin Connolly over at Houdini Himself says there is a new Houdini book coming down the pike very soon. It's limited to only 113 copies and won't be cheap, but Kevin says it's a "must have" and that "your Houdini library would be incomplete without it."

Being a smarty pants, I thought I had figured out that this was John Bushey's Houdini pitchbook project. But I just talked to John and it's not his book. In fact, John doesn't know what this is either, so now I'm really intrigued!

I guess we will have to watch Houdini Himself to learn more. Kevin says his own copy has already shipped.

UPDATE: Kevin has revealed the book: Houdini The Key - Second Printing.


  1. Any idea what price were looking at here?

    1. I know nothing beyond what I wrote. Kevin's own post is just a single sentence. A terrible tease!

  2. 113 copies seems odd.

  3. Based on that I wonder if it has something to do with his House. Maybe pictures of the home, his library and so on.

  4. I wonder if you will be able to pre-order?