Monday, January 20, 2014

The Man From Beyond now streaming on Netflix

Houdini's 1922 silent feature film, The Man From Beyond, is now available for streaming on Netflix. While Netflix carries Houdini's other movies on DVD, this is the first title to be made available for streaming. The version offered here is from the 2008 Kino DVD box set, Houdini The Movie Star.

The Man From Beyond has always been the technological trail blazer of Houdini's movies. It was the first Houdini movie to appear on VHS (Video Yesteryear), the first to come to DVD and Blu-Ray, and now it's the first to stream on Netflix. (Amazon made it available for streaming last year.) As I've said before, it's very satisfying to see Houdini's movies being offered via the most modern methods of film distribution.

Ironically, The Man From Beyond was a film that never got proper studio distribution in its own day. Houdini himself distributed it via his Houdini Pictures Corporation using States Rights. This proved to be an unprofitable decision (more on this in an upcoming post), and Houdini would turn to FBO to distribute his next film, Haldane of the Secret Service.

Today all we need to do is press PLAY. Houdini would love it.

Thanks to Steven Max Droge and Barry Spector for the alerts.

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