Saturday, January 11, 2014

Man of Magic - Conquer the World

Here's the grand finale of our 3-day journey into Houdini musical theater with a final selection from the 1966 London stage musical, Man of Magic. The lavish production starred Stuart Damon as Houdini, Judith Bruce as Bess, with a book and lyrics by John Morley and Aubrey Cash, and music by Wilfred Wylam. The show closed after 126 performances at London's Piccadilly Theater.

This song closes out the first side of the LP (and presumably the first act) and features Harry and Bess vowing to "Conquer the World." In the clip below you'll see some of the props created for the show by Abbott's Magic Co., including the Water Torture Cell. The escape was performed on stage by Timothy Dill-Russell doubling Stuart Damon.

Thanks to Ron South for digitalizing my Man of Magic LP. Check out Ron's blog devoted to the rock band Journey, Wheel In The Sky.

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