Tuesday, September 21, 2021

A Brief History of Houdini's Water Torture Cell

Today I'm thrilled to help celebrate International Escapology Day with a brief history of Houdini's greatest escape. Oh, and that picture I promised. Enjoy!

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Thanks to Andrew Basso, Allan James Taylor, and everyone at the GEO for letting me join the celebration.


  1. Great photo! Thanks for posting it! There's quite a bit of photos from that USD session.

    1. Indeed. There's another one taken at more of an angle. There's also the pic in Pictorial Life, but in that one you'll notice the assistants are dressed in rain slickers. I never caught this before -- in some shots the assistants are in slickers and some not.

    2. Pictorial Life had a number of those USD photos from this session. It took up a whole page.

    3. This is great, and thanks for sharing the photograph! It’s wonderful. I’m trying to discern what the floor directly in front of USD shows – at first I thought it was a reflection of the cell, or perhaps it’s the trap door in the stage used for draining?