Monday, April 17, 2023

A Houdini seance in May

On May 20, paranormal investigator Bruce Tango, a frequent guest on the TV show Ghost Hunters, will recreate the 1936 Final Houdini Seance at the historical Merchant and Drovers Tavern Museum in Rahway, New Jersey. Below is a flyer with info. Tickets can be purchased at Bruce's website.

While it may seen strange to be holding a Houdini seance in May, in reality, Bess held many of her seances in the summer months. In fact, the first formal seance to be held on Halloween (that I'm aware of) was the Final Seance of '36. I can only assume until that time Bess keep her Halloweens private. So, yeah, a Houdini seance in May! I like it.

Thanks to Carl Morano for the tip.


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