Monday, April 1, 2024

Houdini Returns with Craig Diamond

Craig Diamond will present a special evening devoted to Houdini at the historic John Harris Mansion in Harrisburg, PA, on Thursday, April 11, 2024. I had the pleasure of meeting Craig as a fellow recipient at the Milbourne Christopher Awards last year. I'm sure he will do Houdini justice!

This captivating Houdini Experience takes you back in time for 90 spellbinding minutes. It features over 165 pictures from some of the world's leading private collections.

You'll see Harry Houdini like never before. New evidence has recently come to light, possibly linking his death to his battle to expose the shady world of psychic mediums.

Award-winning, Master Magician and Houdini historian Craig Diamond will guide you through this immersive program.

This event includes a guided tour of the historic John Harris Mansion!

Click here to buy tickets via Eventbrite.

Harrisburg is a good Houdini city. He performed in Harrisburg during his Welsh Bros. tours of 1895 and 1898, played the Harrisburg Orpheum in 1912, and brought his "3 Show in One" to Harrisburg's Majestic Theater in 1926. So this is a "Return" indeed!

If you can't make it to Harrisburg, Craig will be bringing Houdini Returns to Liverpool, PA, on April 12. You can get more details and buy tickets to that event HERE.


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  1. Only one state away from me but it's on a workday, not a weekend. The 165 photos from private collections sounds interesting, as is the discussion on possible assassination from the Dark Side.