Tuesday, April 30, 2024

The Houdini movie book we've been waiting for

There have been many specialized Houdini books over the years. We've had books devoted to his tours of Australia, Canada, and Britain, his fiction, his friendship with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and his battle with Margery. There's even an entire book about a single trick that he only did once. Yet, there has never been a book about his movies.

Earlier this month, I reported on the publication of Joe Notaro's new book, Houdini Adaptations, containing the rare magazine adaptations of two Houdini films, The Grim Game and Terror Island. But now that I have the book in hand, I can see that it is so much more.

Joe takes a deep dive into Houdini's first three films, including summaries of every episode of The Master Mystery, and offers a wealth of information and many rare photos. Joe also covers all the known treatments for unmade Houdini films, such as the bonkers "Yar The Primeval Man" and the never-before-published "Out of the Shadows." So, yes, this is the Houdini movie book we've all been waiting for!

I therefore thought I would give this important work a second shoutout. If you are into Houdini's movies or if you just like seeing Houdini photos and promotional material that you've never seen before, this book is a must-buy. Congratulations to Joe for finally filling in this gap on our Houdini bookshelves.

Houdini Adaptations is available at Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk. U.S. customers can order signed copies directly from Joe via PayPal to Joe.M.Notaro@gmail.com. The price is $40 and includes a signed book with a premium-color interior and USPS book-rate shipping.