Saturday, October 1, 2005

Houdini the action figure!

A Houdini Action Figure has been released by Accoutrements -- "Outfitters in Popular Culture" -- who specialize in off-beat action figures of historical figures like Jesus, Einstein, etc.

The figure comes with hand and leg shakles, a chair with rope, and even a straight-jacket in which you can thrust old Harry up. The package notes our hero's "weapon of choice" -- MAGIC!

The Houdini Action Figure can be found in novelty stores and on Amazon.

Where was this when I was ten?


  1. Recent post led me to this oooold post (omg I was 27!). I remember seeing this somewhere (eBay, maybe?) and there was nothing in it. The caption was something about how even the packaging couldn't hold Houdini. Something like that. But it gave me a chuckle. And so does the little bit of string called a "rope." I have plenty of that! Wonder if I could sell it to little figure companies. Hehe!

    *off to start a rope business*

  2. Yea.... Felt the same way... I should have purchased one a few years ago when their numbers were many for sale... Now looking again... And not for $35... Phssst!