Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Russian Houdini movie from 1938?

A dealer in Russian memorabilia is selling on eBay what he claims is a rare poster for a 1938 Russian movie about Houdini. Price: $400.

I’ve never heard of a Russian Houdini movie, and to my eye this looks more like a regular magician’s poster than a cinema one-sheet. There’s nothing escape related pictured, and while I don’t read Cyrillic, comparing the name on the poster to the cover of the Russian edition of The Secret Life of Houdini, I don’t think it even says Houdini.

So while I’m pretty certain this poster is bunk, I can’t help but be intrigued by the possibility of a Russian Houdini movie from the ‘30s. If anyone has any info on this, let me know.

UPDATE: The seller has provided me with an explanation why he’s listing this as a Houdini movie poster:

Hello. The poster doesn't have any info on it except name "Gary". It is definitely about Houdini - clearly visible from the design and name on it. The person on the poster looks like Houdini but definitely not him. So I think it is an actor who plays his role. It is from 1938, which means the poster can't be from Houdini performance because he died in 1926. So I am sure it is a movie poster about Houdini. Unfortunately I don't know when and who did that movie... Thank you. - motka

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