Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Night at the Magic Castle (1988)

Here's a look at what is certainly the most obscure "Houdini movie." A Night at the Magic Castle, released in 1988, starred Arte Johnson as the ghost of Houdini who brings a young boy to Hollywood's Magic Castle for an evening of magic and adventure (man, there's just no of way of writing that without it sounding creepy). I can't say this is a great movie, but it has its merits, such as it features HOUDINI (duh), and you get to see inside the real Magic Castle in 1988. You also get to see lots of great '80s hair.

Recently someone was good enough to upload the entire movie to YouTube. Below I've attached two short segments that give a good taste of the film. The first shows Johnson as Houdini arriving at the Castle with his date -- I mean, friend! The second shows our hero, Max, pulled into a Houdini seance, filmed in the actual Houdini Seance Room. Enjoy.

If you'd like to watch the entire movie, I've added a Night at the Magic Castle playlist to the new WILD ABOUT HARRY YouTube Channel.

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