Monday, April 29, 2013

S.A.M. breaks (news of) Houdini's bust

The Summer 2013 issue of The Society of American Magician's North Atlantic Region Newsletter has an article about the resurfacing of Houdini's original grave bust, which was smashed (and "stolen"?) in 1975. Of course, that resurfacing happened here on WILD ABOUT HARRY, and not without controversy (click to read the original post and comments). The newsletter features photos from that post and gives WAH a nice credit and link.

With circulation of 1,950 readers worldwide, I'm hoping this will lead some S.A.M. members to discover my blog for the first time. If you're one of them -- welcome!

S.A.M. North Atlantic Newsletter published and edited by Eric DeCamps (click to enlarge).

Speaking of the S.A.M., they have recently launched a new and very active Facebook Page. Be sure and check that out and give it a Like.

Thanks to Eric DeCamps for allowing me to share this page from the S.A.M. North Atlantic Newsletter.

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