Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rare Houdini booklets by Woods and Lead now available as PDFs

Two long out-of-print Houdini booklets by Roger Woods and Brian Lead, Houdini The Myth Maker (1987) and Harry Houdini Legend & Legacy (1993), are now available as PDF downloads for $12 each from

Both books provide excellent examinations of specific episodes and challenges from Houdini's career. I would recommend Legend & Legacy in particular as it contains rare photos of Houdini exposing the Mysto coffin escape, and also shots of him from a 1920 The Illustrated Chronicle climbing to the top of a castle in Newcastle and hanging from the parapet (which recalls the scene in Death Defying Acts when Houdini climbs atop a parapet in Edinburgh).

Thanks to Eric Fry for the tip.

UPDATE: Looks like printed versions of the books can still be purchased at


  1. Cheers.
    Just a note. If anybody wants one still available here.
    Just ordered mine.

    1. Are those are print versions? Cool. I've added the link to the story. Thanks.

  2. Seems so. International cost £14 and £10 respectively.
    Thanks for the good work, as always. NC

  3. Many thanks for these kind comments. After some years out of print we decided to issue a pdf version of Houdini The Myth Maker via and have added some of our other books too including Harry Houdini Legend & Legacy. Print versions are available on my web site
    The 2013 edition of Houdini The Myth Maker is a comb bound reprint of the original. There are still a few copies left of the original print version of Harry Houdini Legend & Legacy. By the way this is a wonderful blog about Houdini.
    Best wishes
    Roger Woods