Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Official seance medium claims to have captured Houdini's voice

There's a surprise twist to the Official Houdini Séance which was held this year at the historic Citadel in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Medium Alan Hatfield is claiming that the seance was indeed a success and that he has Houdini's spirit voice captured on audio tape!

NG News reports that following the Oct. 31 event, Hatfield took recordings he made during the séance to Scott Ferguson, a Halifax based professional audio engineer and producer, who verified that messages had been captured at a different frequency than the voices of those present in the room at the time.

"It is my opinion that upon intent listening and frequency spectroscopic analysis, the recording is consistent with my expectations for an unaltered, original recording," said Ferguson.

Despite having had technical difficulties with one of the tape recorders at the beginning of the séance, Hatfield, whose specialty is EVP (electronic voice phenomena), had a second digital recording device rolling throughout. During the séance the only audio that was played back for all present to hear was a 31 second clip which contained unusual sounds.

"I could not ask everyone present, including the media, to sit quietly now for another 90 minutes to review what may have or have not been captured on the audio, as impending high wind and rain warnings were forecast for that evening," Hatfield explained. "After the séance I still had roughly 90 minutes of tape to go through and I was very excited to hear a direct response to questions asked of Houdini."

He claims that Houdini said: "Hey you know this is crossed over and all this Indian has to tell you here today."

Hatfield, who is an aboriginal, said "Indian" is the term that would have been used to identify First Nations people back in the 1920s.

Hatfield also claims to have heard a response from Bess Houdini. One of the guests at the séance asked her, "We always wondered why you never had kids."

The response was: "Alan invited me."

Hatfield explained the response as meaning she would only talk to him since he was the one who "opened the door" for her.

Hatfield says he will provide a transcript and recording of the voice.

So there we have it. Houdini has returned!


UPDATE: Dorothy Dietrich and Dick Brookz have posted the audio clip at the Houdini Museum of Scranton website. CLICK TO LISTEN.

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  1. I can't help but think that after all this time, Houdini has probably moved on with this whole communicating with the living thing. If the recording plays back, "get a life!" then, I'll know it was Houdini! Still, if he did contact, how cool is that!!!!

  2. John Hinson great nephew of Bess And Harry HoudiniDecember 10, 2013 at 11:36 AM

    Are they going to lease the tape?

  3. A few less then exciting words is all we get after so many years? Would expect they would have more to say.

  4. It is hard to believe with all the magicians there they would let "Hatfield, whose specialty is EVP (electronic voice phenomena)" record and take a tape home to check it, or whatever else he might want to do with it.

  5. With all due respect Dorothy, I personally hold propriety and copyright to all video and audio recorded at the Citadel and the Houdini Séance there. It was all my equipment that was used there, and this was all discussed with the organizers prior to that event. I informed all parties that I would conduct this séance using infra-red video and audio recorders, with the hope of recording Harry Houdini on audio. I will share with John on this site, audio and photographs of that event in Halifax, without any financial gain on my part, as this was never my intent at all. I will share freely with everyone, the true account of what actually happened there. I also took it upon myself to have all audio authenticated and examined thoroughly by a certified audio engineer, which was done, on Thursday, Dec.05/2013 in Halifax. The result of all of this, is that there are disembodied voices speaking. After 25 years in this profession, I have known for fact, that if I call out to someone in spirit, by name, then it would be that spirit whom would respond to me. Houdini's response to me showed an intonation of reluctance, as he did not believe in mediums, however, with sacred sweetgrass prayers to the Great Spirit, the doorway was opened, and those that I called for in the afterlife, now would be summoned to respond. This is the only reason why I am telling my story, to honor what the Great Spirit allowed us to do. I certainly have no intent on requesting any financial reward with my audio and video, only to share this with everyone, so to present the truth here..Houdini broke his silence on Oct.31/2013, in Halifax, N.S. Sorry for the long rant..Alan Hatfield.

    1. Thank you, Alan. I've received the audio clips and pics and will have a listen asap and, if it's okay with you, I share here on the site for all to hear.

    2. By all means, please feel free to share on your site. Please advise listeners to use headphones for highest fidelity:)

  6. It is hard to believe with all the magicians there they would let "Hatfield, whose specialty is EVP (electronic voice phenomena)" record and take a tape home to check it, or whatever else he might want to do with it.

  7. To Alan Hatfield

    Dear Alan;

    I did not mean to fault you in this particular matter.

    You abided by all the test requirements and conditions agreed to in your seance held by the group that held the event to reach Houdini.

    It is strange, but I do not believe there has been a response from the group that held the seance in Halifax concerning your success in this matter.

    This brings up several questions and points...

    1) How can we be sure it was Houdini and not another disembodied spirit who responded?

    2) Assuming it was Houdini, does that mean this group should now discontinue their yearly seance attempts?

    3) Does this mean they should use you every year hence forth since you are the first in their many years of these attempts by them to succeed?

    4) Does this mean, since you are in contact with Houdini, we do not have to wait until next Halloween to reach Houdini, and can ask you a series of questions to pose to him?

    5) Since we are a museum dedicated to all things Houdini, could you supply us with a copy of the tape and information about you, bios, pictures, etc., that we can show and play for our visitors to depict your success?

    6) If this is so, there is a one million dollar prize for being able to do such a manifestation, from the James Randi Foundation that you might be able to qualify for, if it has not been discontinued.

    Please email us at magicus@comcast.net for our mailing address
    The Houdini Museum
    The Only Building in the World
    Dedicated to Houdini
    Scranton, PA

  8. Dear Dorothy

    After the séance in Halifax, I returned to my hotel room and began listening to the audio that had been recorded at the Citadel. I reviewed this until 4 AM the next day, and was aware that we indeed had caught disembodied voices on the recordings. I fell asleep, and when I awoke, it was check-out time, so I gathered all of my equipment and packed my van to drive home, which was a 2 hour trip. I phoned the hotel where two of the event organizers had been staying, but unfortunately, both had checked out and were on their way home to the U.S.
    I did email both of them, and also sent a spirit voice attachment, so they could listen to these. Unfortunately, they appear not to support my claim, which is disappointing to me for sure, as I was told that they would not 'lower their standards' with just 'generalized' questions to Houdini. I explained to them that one cannot dictate to spirit how they are to reply. My point was and still is, when I call out to Houdini, it would be he who must respond to me, not another spirit sent to do so. I did suggest to the organizers and the Inner circle, that should we have Houdini acknowledge himself on audio, that there should now be further need to continue annually with these séances. Apparently, I must have hit a sour note with that with the organizers of this séance, as this yearly event is sort of Americana. I have been a professional medium now for 25 years, and I know that Houdini , or any other spirit entity once acknowledged, would not want nor desire to be bothered once every year until infinity. This is the reason that I then had my audio verified and examined by a certified audio engineer, to authenticate my audio haven been recorded on Oct.31/2013, at the Citadel, and not compromised by dubbing over to deceive anyone. The audio integrity stands as original. I told the organizers that once my audio was determined original, then I was moving forward with telling the truth. To not do so, would be dishonoring the Great Spirit whom granted to us this opportunity, for Houdini to finally break his silence. I will stay in touch with you all..as this saga continues. Thank-you. Alan Hatfield.

  9. Dear Alan:

    It seems you agreed with the conditions they set up and should have known what EVP means and be ready and willing to deal with it, and not back out later.

    They clearly got themselves in a situation they were not ready for. You did as they asked and they should have known what to expect.

    I spoke to John Cox about the voices you sent him and he said it would take a while, so said it would be OK if i put a short version on our Houdini.org site.

    The link is

    Hope it is OK, and anything else you can suggest or send would be appreciated as stated in our post above, subject to approval by our Board of Directors. I will be adding the pictures I have found in a short while.

    Dorothy Dietrich & Dick Brookz
    The Houdini Museum
    The Only Building in the World Dedicated to Houdini.
    Scranton, PA

    1. You guys did a great job. The enhancements helps. I will just link to your page.

  10. Thank you Dorothy and John, for your support here.
    Here is another link to: MARITIME MYSTERIES
    This film offers some background on my work, and EVP from the RMS Titanic grave.
    Another link here:
    This story was featured in the Edmonton Sun, when I recorded the voice of a murdered woman. Her mom and sister were with me, and also a 25 year veteran cop.
    I will have more spirit voices from the Halifax Séance that I will send both to you and John. Prayers and Blessings to you both:)

  11. After 90 years why such a non descript message? The message has no meaning. If it is Houdini lets try to get some info from him that at some level is meaningfull

    1. It is kind of odd that Houdini's first words would be an endorsement of the medium. Doesn't seem very Houdini to me.

  12. One cannot assume that the Harry Houdini now in spirit would have the same demeanor as he had in this physical world He has now the full perspective and can acknowledge some prejudgments he held here in the carnal world, were indeed in error. He now has aspired his soul in the natural progression of our Creator. This 14 word message from Houdini has much deeper meaning than would assume. His intonation suggests some reluctance with having to admit foremost, that he is speaking from the 'crossed-over"..the Afterlife. John, you and Dorothy know a tremendous volume of information on Harry Houdini, as he was in the flesh..but I deal with a Houdini in the spirit with my work here. His message was directed for everyone attending this séance. I used sacred sweetgrass and prayers to Our Creator, and approached this endeavor in the Native manner. He would have observed this, and this is why he said.."and all this Indian tells you today". We cannot expect those in spirit, whom are now much higher evolved, to answer to us according to what we feel appropriate, as it all falls short of those whom now are multidimensional, where they are. I but asked Houdini to acknowledge himself, just one time, then he could get on with his mission where he was. He has done just that, in the manner he deemed appropriate for all of us here in the physical reality.

  13. In the words of Carl Sagan, "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." You, Mr. Hatfield, have not provided one single shred of evidence. How can anyone take you or your claims seriously when you write things such as "I deal with Houdini in the spirit . . ." and "I used sacred sweetgrass and prayers to Our Creator . . ."? Your words are utter nonsense. If Houdini were alive, he would have some major words with you.

  14. A hard nosed skeptic will only remain this way, until their death. You will then realize what a shallow carnal life you had lived. Read the story of Dr. Ebena Alexander, a Harvard trained neurologist who was brought up to believe that physical death is a finality. He now admits and shares his story of how wrong he had been, as do many others who have experienced death, and came back to tell the truth about this physical 'reality'. It also would appear that you have no respect nor tolerance for the Aboriginal and how we honor our Creator. The Harry Houdini that this physical world came to be known as, is no more the one they knew, for his soul has evolved to a higher level of consciousness. You are correct when you stated that "Houdini would have some major words with you"..as he now would be eager to engage dialogue with a medium, as he has already done. The answer to why does a spirit come back to talk with those of us who are in the physical world, is very simple to answer..because they can! When that time of crossing over for you arrives, Mr. Interval, then you will be aware that you are still here, just out of your carnal shell. You will also be aware of your family and friends still living a physical experience..you will then better hope that their be a medium somewhere to open that doorway, so you can let them know that you are still around them, and let them know that you still love them. You very likely now would not ascribe yourself to the Carl Sagan thesis as you currently do now. Best wishes to you in finding that medium!

  15. Does not sound like Houdini....the message is gibberish. After 90 years ......and 90 years of trying to contact Houdini one would think something more profound would have been heard or at least something more than a few words with little substance.

  16. Dear Anonymous..Are you an authority on how Houdini's voice would sound speaking from eternity, or on what topic he would discuss after 90 years of remaining silent? He has now moved on to his fullest reality as a multidimensional soul, and cares very little about his earthly experience.

  17. Just seems to be a totally innocuous statement. Also looking on your website all the spirits seem to like talking to you.....or so it seems. Big advertising campaign on your website regarding all the "voices" you always seem to capture. Curious.

  18. Dear Anonymous..Perhaps an innocuous statement, yes, as I will not engage myself in rude comments on this blog to answer those who do not believe. These experiences are certainly not new for me, and if ever you were down my way, then I would welcome your presence to accompany me to any cemetery, (your choice), and you would likely have your curiosity satisfied, as I engage a two-dialogue with those in the Afterlife. You then would hear, first hand, disembodied voices speaking with us. Until such time, I am perfectly alright with those who hold a skepticism. Have a great Christmas and a great New Year.

  19. No two way dialog with Houdini that's for sure.