Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Houdini challenges the tax man

This book just popped up on Amazon today. What is this? A Italian novelization of the Houdini Miniseries? Perhaps the behind the scenes story of Adrien's "Brodini"? Or maybe a new study that tackles the question of why Houdini never performed in Italy. (Yeah, why is that?)

Turns out it's none of the above. The title, Houdini e il fisco Italiano: Escapologia e Controescapologia, translates as "Houdini and the Italian Taxes: Escapology and Counter-Escapology" (according to Google translate). So it looks like this is a manual to help you escape those pesky Italian taxes. Thanks Harry.

For you completists, Houdini e il fisco Italiano: Escapologia e Controescapologia can be purchased at Amazon.com (U.S.), Amazon.co.uk (UK) and, of course, the Italian Amazon.it.


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