Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Monsterama hopes to scare up Harry

The 4th annual "Monsterama" horror and sci-fi convention in Atlanta, Georgia, will hold a Houdini seance as part of their opening night events this Friday, September 29 from 11:00 PM to Midnight. Seance summoners wil be Shane Morton, Dan Roebuck, and Marcus Koch.

Friday night will see what we hope to be our first annual Monsterama Seance! This year we’re hoping to conjure up the spirit of Harry Houdini, famed escape artist, magician and debunker of fake mediums. Before he passed on to the other side, he asked his wife to try to contact him in the hereafter, and we’re taking up the mantle. We’ll be using some of Harry’s own techniques to try and get him to sign in.

For more check out the Monsterama website, Facebook and Twitter.


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