Thursday, September 7, 2017

Two day Houdini "Spirit Quest" in Groveland, MA

Ron Kolek and The New England Ghost Project is offering a special two-day Houdini and Conan Doyle "Spirit Quest 2017" in Groveland, Massachusetts at the end of this month. Below are details.

Friday Night (September 29)
Dining with the Dead & Houdini Stage Show
Join us for a special costumed Dining with the Dead (costumes optional). Enjoy a heart warming meal of Lenzi's famous chicken pot pie and vegetables served with rice and New England Apple Pie and vanilla ice cream for dessert. We will have prizes for the best costumes and light entertainment. You will even have the opportunity to have your photo taken with a "Ghost" at the William Hope and William Mumler Ghost Photo Booth.

Then step back in time, as you will discover for yourself what it was like to attend the Great Harry Houdini Stage Show. You will be amazed as the Amazing Viano performs feats of escapism and mystifying magic.

The evening ends as it did with Harry's performances with a séance under the watchful eye of the Great Houdini. Will he expose the medium or will she collect the prize?

Saturday Night (September 30)
Psychic Detective, Haunted House & Houdini Séance
After light dinner of pizza and soft drinks you will be divided up into groups. One group, under the guidance of trance medium Maureen Wood, will learn to develop their instincts to become a psychic detective in a special workshop. The other group, under the supervision of the "Wall Street Journal's Gold Standard in Ghost Hunting" Steve Parson from the UK will take part in the haunted house experiment,where they will use their skills to differentiate the normal from the paranormal.

As the night continues, Steve and Maureen will exchange groups so that everyone has the opportunity to take part in both events. The night ends with a Harry Houdini Séance including artifacts once used by the magician himself.

Will Harry come through? Will we receive a message? Or will we visited by an unknown visitor? Join us and find out!

To purchase tickets visit the Spirit Quest 2017 page at the New England Ghost Project.

Organizer and Lead Investigator Ron Kolek will be on Stirring The Cauldron with Marla Brooks tonight at 9PM on Para-X Radio Network.


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