Saturday, October 14, 2017

Astral Theatre Collective presents 'A Houdini Séance'

The Astral Theatre Collective is bringing "A Houdini Séance" to the West Virginia State University Capitol Center Theater in Charleston for two midnight performances on October 21 and 28.

With the assistance of Charleston based magician Professor Sinister, audiences will be thrilled by a midnight séance in honor of Harry Houdini. “A Houdini Séance” brings to life one of the key ceremonies used by Spiritualists, bringing theatre, magic, and history together in a unique way. The event will culminate in figures from Houdini’s life sitting around the table in proper style calling on the spirit of the late Master of Magic. Will Houdini return from the beyond?

For tickets call the theatre at 304-342-6522 or visit the Facebook Event Page for more details.


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