Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Original Houdini Seance to be held in New York

The Houdini Museum in Scranton will once again hold their "Original Houdini Seance" at Sojourn Restaurant in New York City on October 31. The seance this year will be conducted by Dorothy Dietrich herself. It begins at 11:30 AM and runs until the exact time of Houdini's death at 1:26 PM. The seance is free for magicians and fans of Houdini. Complimentary food will be provided by Sojourn.

Table from last year's Original Houdini Seance at Sojourn.

Sojourn is located at 244 East 79 St., in a building that was once Mrs. Loeffler's Boarding House. It was here that young Ehrich Weiss and his family lived when they first arrived in New York in 1887.

This year's seance will commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Houdini becoming president of the Society of American Magicians. Houdini helped expand the S.A.M. into the national organization that it is today with hundreds of local chapters and thousands of members.

The Original Houdini Seance seance (not to be confused with the Official Houdini Seance which this year is being held in Cleveland) traces back to Walter B. Gibson, who suggested to Dorothy Dietrich that she carry on the annual seance tradition. Last year's seance at Sojourn attracted members of the Hardeen family and garnered national press attention.

For more on Dorothy Dietrich, the Original Houdini Seances and the Houdini Museum of Scranton, visit their official website. The full press release can be viewed here.

Below are some other Halloween events for this 91st anniversary year.


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