Thursday, April 5, 2018

Duffy Hudson joins Son of Houdini

Last year I reported on a proposed movie from SilverFox Cinema called Son of Houdini that was seeking investors. Now comes news that Duffy Hudson, known for playing Houdini in his acclaimed one-man show, has been cast as Berl Weiss, father of hero, Hyman Weiss. Duffy is also on-board as "Authenticity Consultant" (now there's a job title I'd like to see associated with more Houdini movies).

Son of Houdini is described as a "Coming-of-Age Romantic Comedy without violence, obscenity, nudity, crudity, car chases or the ingestion of questionable substances that demonstrates finding true love may be the greatest trick of all."

For more information visit the official website.


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