Friday, April 20, 2018

LINK: Houdini film ‘Terror Island’ subject of Island Museum exhibition

Full details of the upcoming "Houdini: Terror on the Magic Isle" exhibition at the Catalina Island Museum have been revealed by The Catalina Islander. Instead of re-posting here, click the headline and have a read at the Islander itself. It seems appropriate to learn about this at the paper that was around in Houdini's time and reported on the movie as it was you'll learn in the exhibition!

I've been working with the museum on this, so I already know how special it's going to be. I've withheld the many discoveries that have been made, so the exhibition itself will reveal all and write Houdini history. On May 4, I'm heading over to the island to give a short introductory talk on Houdini during the museum's "First Friday" event at 6pm. And, of course, there's the big Terror Island screening at the Avalon Casino on May 19 (tickets and details here).

So click the headline and read all about "Houdini: Terror on the Magic Isle", and visit the Catalina Island Museum website for more information and upcoming special events. It's gonna be a summer of Terror!


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