Saturday, December 1, 2018

The magician speaks

Like finding new photos, I love finding a new quotes from Houdini that reveal him in some unique way. Here's a quote from a 1925 letter. It not all that often we hear Houdini talk about himself as a magician, so this is pretty cool.

"You see a trick when performed by an ordinary magician is not the same in my hands. I weave an air of romance and mystery about it and it appears in a different light, for example my card star trick, silk trick, fish bowl stack, and even Palagenesia, so when I get hold of the effect I will see what I can do with it. Remember I try out lots of tricks and throw them away."

Speaking of Houdini the magician, here's something I recently found; a 1906 lesson by Houdini on how to tie a one-hand knot ("one of my most baffling feats").

Click to enlarge.

Below are a few more memorable Houdini quotes.



  1. Harry came full circle in that photo as a card manipulator, the way he started out. I wonder if he performed any card manipulations in his 3 in 1 show.

    1. Oh yes, his card manipulations were part of the show.

  2. Love these and the links. People often forget he was an excellent card man and one of the early ones to be able to accomplish the front and back card palm.