Sunday, September 4, 2022

'The Great Houdinis' window card from the future

One of the things I enjoy about Houdini biopics are the glimpses of mocked-up Houdini posters made just for the film. These typically feature the actor's likeness and are sometimes based on real posters. Here's one I had forgotten about until I recently re-watched The Great Houdinis. As we come back from the last commercial break, we establish Detroit and Halloween with the following image of a Houdini window card.

What I like about this is it evokes the real window cards Houdini used on his final tour. But before you think this was deliberate, I don't believe these Houdini window cards were even known in 1976. I believe the first ones were discovered in the 1980s. So the production somehow channeled the past and future. Kind of freaky.

Just to round things out, the only other poster mockup in The Great Houdinis is the large banner used during Houdini's pier jump. The typeface seen here is the same as seen on Houdini's "Europe's Eclipsing Sensation" posters.

You can see more Houdini poster mockups via the links below. And if you want to watch The Great Houdinis, I recently uploaded it to my WILD ABOUT HARRY YouTube channel HERE.


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