Monday, May 1, 2023

'The Stratton Case' head scratcher

Here's a clipping from November 5, 1924 Chicago Tribune naming Houdini as co-author of a play (at least I'm assuming it's a play) called The Stratton Case. I've seen other clippings from around this time saying Houdini was writing a play (check out this post). Is this that play? 

Chicago Tribune, Nov. 5, 1924.

I haven't been able to find any more info on this. So at the moment, it's a head scratcher!


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  1. This is fantastic. I believe it is a play; a Nov 6 clipping has the same article listed under the main heading “Plays and Players” and a subheading “Notes of Players”. As far as it being the Grim Game on stage, I would say no based on the fact that it has a spook effect; And Houdini was doing spirit lectures and exposing fraud around this time. He played Zanetti on stage a few months later.
    So cool we have a name of an unknown play and also a co-author.
    FWIW: The 1905 Stratton Brothers Case involved the first men in Britain to be convicted of murder by fingerprint evidence. Houdini exposed how spiritual hands of dead people would appear and leave fingerprints.