Friday, December 1, 2023

Want to hear unreleased Houdini voice?

My Wild About Harry on Patreon is going strong with 80 paid members enjoying loads of exclusive Houdini content. I'm very grateful to all my patrons who help support my work. 

Today, I'm sharing a special incentive to bring more patrons into the fold. If we can reach 100 paid members by year's end, I will post one minute of audio from Houdini's Water Torture Cell patter that has never been made available to the public.

This is not from the recent David Copperfield transfers. This is from an entirely different source that you will see with your own eyes. It's wild stuff.

We're just 20 members away from this goal. So if you join today, you'll not only be supporting my work and unlocking a wealth of exclusive content, but you'll be moving yourself and everyone closer to hearing unheard Harry!

Check out membership details by clicking the image below. Hope to see you inside.


  1. This radio station photo is the last photo in Untold Story. I remember being shocked when I first saw that photo at the at of 12 right after buying the book. HH looked soooo old.

  2. Not getting any closer to this, unfortunately. In fact, we've gone a bit backwards. :(