Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Details of next Houdini & Nate novel

Details of the next book in the Houdini & Nate Mystery series have emerged thanks to author Tom Lalicki and the new Houdini & Nate official website.

Shots At Sea finds young Nate Fuller and Harry Houdini engaged in action alongside Teddy Roosevelt aboard the ocean liner Lusitania. A look at the prototype cover art can be seen on the right.

Author Tom Lalicki also provides us with some tantalizing exclusive details about the third book in the series. Book 3 -- which is being written now -- looks at the gang warfare between the declining Jewish and Irish gangs on the Lower East Side in 1912. Nate's Rivington Street buddy from Danger in the Dark becomes a cat's paw in the conflict...

But sure to check out the Houdini & Nate website for updates and more information on this entertaining series of books.

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