Thursday, April 12, 2007

Magic Made Easy fetches $4,457 on eBay

An original copy of Magic Made Easy has fetched a whopping $4,457 on eBay. The auction started at $9.95 (no reserve) and received 29 bids.

Published in 1898 out of financial desperation, in this catalog “Prof. Harry Houdini” offered for sale many of the effects that only a year later would bring him intentional fame and fortune, including Metamorphosis, the East Indian Needle trick, and his full Handcuff Act!

What I find fascinating is Houdini features a spirit photograph of himself on the cover, showing that the magician was very interested in the techniques of Spiritualists very early in his career (it did not blossom with the death of his mother, as is depicted in most biopics and documentaries).

Congrats to the winner of this beauty.

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