Saturday, February 13, 2010

Houdini’s Melbourne bridge jump remembered

As Australia gears up to commemorate Houdini’s first flight on that continent 100 years ago, the Geelong Advertiser remembers another Houdini feat from that same tour -- his jump into the Yarra river from the Queens Bridge in Melbourne.

Noel Murphy writes about the escape which took place 100 years ago this week. It’s a good, detailed article well worth a read. Interestingly, the article suggests the story of a corpse surfacing beside Houdini is apocryphal.

Read: Houdini, Melbourne’s legendary Jumping Jack Flash.

UPDATE: The above link is now dead, so here is another well researched account of Houdini's Melbourne bridge jump by Leann Richards.

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  1. On the anniversary of Houdini's Melbourne visit, some guy did an escape at the Melbourne Aquarium of all places. I wondered why and then figured that the Queens Bridge is only a few feet away from the Aquarium and since the water in the Yarra has not improved, he preferred to take his chances with the sharks and stingrays. At least you can see the bottom.