Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Amazing Randi spellbinds at The Magic Castle

The legendary James Randi -- magician, mentalist, escape artist, historian, skeptic, and bestselling author -- was interviewed last night by Max Maven at The Magic Castle in Hollywood.

The interview, conducted in the Inner Circle before a standing room only crowd, lasted 2 hours, during which Randi told amazing stories of how he met the great Harry Blackstone as a boy, how he started his career an escape artist by happenstance, and of his various encounters with individuals who have come seeking his $1 million prize for genuine psychic phenomena. At 82, Randi looked terrific as was as quick-witted and energetic as ever. He is a true wizard!

The event was attended by many familiar faces from the magic/Houdini/escape community, including; Mark Wilson, Patrick Culliton, Joe Fox, Mark & Sheila Cannon, Mark Willoughby, Jeffery Abraham, and more. (Also a shout-out to magician Gary Morton who performed Houdini’s Needles in the Parlor of Prestidigitation after the event.)

Despite the record length, the interview seemed to only scratch the surface of Randi’s amazing career (unfortunately, Houdini wasn’t mentioned). So Maven put Randi “on the spot” by saying they would do a second evening with him as soon as it could be arranged. The suggestion met with the thunderous approval of the crowd and Randi himself.

After the talk, I was thrilled to be able to introduce myself to Randi and have him sign my copy of his terrific 1977 book, Houdini His Life And Art.

A magical evening indeed!

Randi signs my copy of Houdini His Life And Art

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  1. Love the Amazing Randi. He forever earned my respect after a run in with a former talk show host on live television here in 1980. The host was a bit of a believer in spoon bending and psychic phenomena so things got a bit ugly. Randi maintained his dignity throughout.