Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tony Curtis dies at 85

Sad news this morning. The AP reports that legendary actor Tony Curtis died yesterday in his home in Las Vegas from cardiac arrest. He was 85.

While Curtis had a long and storied career with such films as The Sweet Smell of Success, Spartacus, Operation Petticoat, The Great Race, The Defiant Ones, and Some LIke It Hot; he is most beloved by magic fans for his starring role in Paramount’s 1953 classic HOUDINI alongside then real-life wife Janet Leigh.

Curtis recently hosted screenings of HOUDINI at the Million Dollar Theater in Los Angeles and at The Magic Castle (click here for my report on that memorable evening).

For a look back at his amazing life and career read the full report on his passing at NPR.

RIP Mr. Curtis, the greatest Houdini!


  1. Tony Curtis was my introduction to Houdini (as I suspect is the case with many people). Seeing that film got me interested in the subject and I then got my Dad to find me a book on Houdini at the library. I haven't seen that film for about 30 years now but am hoping it may surface again now that Tony has died. Tony Curtis was such a character and really a great Houdini. He will be missed.

  2. He was my intro as well. You can get HOUDINI on DVD. Still a terrific film.